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Milken Institute: Asia in Hollywood Panel

In a world transformed by digitalization, the pandemic, and content creation and consumer markets in large countries like India and China, the Hollywood of old is no more. The emergence of top-quality storytelling, exceptional talent, and authentic Asian and Asian American representation from outside of centralized and established entertainment hubs has opened tremendous new opportunities for creators almost anywhere.

The Ink and Paint Folk Podcast: Sharon Bridgeman

Sharon was born in Ireland and worked as an animator, supervisor and character designer for studios in Dublin, London, and Berlin before making her way to California. She’s currently a story artist at Spire Animation, but her first job in animation was as an in-betweener on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today, Sharon will talk with us through her journey, share her secret to pitching, and how no idea is stupid and every voice deserves to be heard.